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Brian T. Liao
Nov 3, 2018 • 1 min read

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I like vintage postcards.

Here’s a list of things I might want to write about. Just in case I forget or am bored.

Berkeley, Classes, CS and EE, Breadth and Electives, Clubs, Dorms, Dining Halls, Graduate School?

Optimizations and tricks I wish I knew (Cog Sci)

Friends, Berkeley and Redmond

Relationships, Regrets, Questions

Berkeley Student Cooperative (Coops), Casa Zimbabwe

High School, Education and Theory, Regrets Too

Home, Redmond, Seattle, Washington State

Berkeley, California, Bay Area

Hopes and Dreams

Travel, Languages, Where I’ve been, Where I want to go, Where I want to go again

Money Investing

Skiing, Swimming, Weight Lifting, Running

Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, Football

Programming, Cloud, Systems, Software Engineering

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligences, Computer Vision, Robotics, Natural Language Processing, Big Data, Systems and Hardware for Machine Learning, Data Science

Industrial Engineering, Management Sciences, Business Administration

Happiness, Depression, Life, Emotions, Friendships, Regrets, Well-being

Amazon, Big 4, Other tech companies, China and Chinese Tech

Bioengineering, Transhumanism

Calvin and Hobbes, Childhood, Family, Avatar

Books, Moon over Manifest, John Green, The Stranger

Theories on the Universe, Society, Absurdism, Oblivion

Physics, Math, CS, Stats

Biology, Chemistry

Tools and Tricks

Life Experiences, Peru, Microsoft as a kid, Elementary/Middle School, Church, Gym, Parents and Movies

Lack of Car, Messy House and Embarrassment, Costco

Social Anxiety, Shyness, Rejection, Isolation, and Loneliness

Lack of Christmas, Birthdays Halloween Dress Up

Eczema, Body


Future, Past, Present

Technology I use, Tips and Tricks

Social Media, Human Experience, UI/UX

Psychology and Manipulation/Nudging

Cognitive Science/Neuroscience



Music Movie Culture

Memes and the Internet

Amazon of Things and Tech Company Environments, Phones and Hardware

Environment, Nature, And Wilderness Preservation Conservation

Vertical Farming, Emerging Technologies, Luddite

Politics, Policy, Perception and Psychology, Social Perceptions and Acceptance, Global State, Big Brother State


11:59 theory, Game theory, Mechanism Design


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