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Brian T. Liao
Nov 5, 2018 • 2 min read

Some Theory Crafting Optimization for the CS Major

Taken from CS 61C.

Even though my schedule is pretty well optimized, there are some tricks I possible could have applied. In addition this is some schedule theory-crafting so it might have worked out and maybe not.

1. Declare Cog Sci

I am a CS major and that was my plan coming into Berkeley. Originally I was a math major, and I still love the beauty in it, CS is you build cool stuff and get paid real well to do so. Good to have applications of work. Many things work in theory but are actually hard to do well in real life. The business side is difficult and should be respected. This was a tangent lol.

Why Cog Sci? As a CS major you have to take 2 Upper Div Technical Electives. My goal was to graduate early and that means combining requirements and finding what can be optimized and what can’t. Declaring Cog Sci in my year only took CS 61A so I could have declared at the start of Freshman year as I finished CS 61A summer before my freshman year.

The benefit is you can get classes like COGSCI C101: The Mind and Language, for Philosophy & Values or Social & Behavioral Sciences requirements or COGSCI C126: Perception, for Biological Science and a few other classes. This kills two birds with one stone but you have to be a Cog Sci major to get into these classes, else they fill up fast and it’s unlikely you get into the class.

I’m also interested in cognitive science and the brain and would have loved to learned about these. Cognition is fascinating, we know so little about it. How does language work? How does conscious, thoughts, feelings, actions work? Why is the brain so hard to understand. What is Human Behavior? Can we make Artificial Intelligence and what is Intelligence? How did the brain form the way it is?

After you are declared Cog Sci, you don’t have to finish the requirements of Cog Sci, just finish CS requirements and graduate with a CS degree 🙂. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BERKELEY CS MAJORS TO DO THIS. Now I believe you have to take Data 8 for 2018 onwards, but STILL DO THIS!

Part 2 Of CS Class Crafting.

Edit 11/11/18: A clarification, a lot of upper div technical electives do fill breadth requirements. For me I already had social and behavioral sciences, so that made taking ECON 100A/B useless for that requirement. I suggest taking Cog Sci as it’s more efficient and easier to get into these classes that fill breadths.

Post by: Brian T. Liao