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Brian T. Liao
Nov 8, 2018 • 5 min read

Indie and Rock, Instrumental and Electronic

That’s one trippy piano.

Continuing from before let’s talk about Indie and Rock, Instrumental and Electronic!

2. Indie/Rock: We Used to Wait - Arcade Fire

God, I love Arcade Fire. Watching this video makes me feel human, emotional, and alive. There’s an “interactive” music video but this video captures the essence of the music beautifully. A metaphor of a tunnel as life. We just get through it, but there is excitement, escape, freedom, the essence to live your life however you want.

Tunnels and night driving are magic. I have certainly listened to their music driving at night. Tunnels, you feel like you enter a whole new world, like a wormhole in space. A sense of escape from reality and you realize this is reality. To be human is to live, one journey at a time, and this song just beautifully captures that emotion.

That’s how I feel about Indie. It captures the normality of life, but there is deep beauty in that. they take something so simple and explore the intrinsics and emotions of it.

Reminds me of Perks of Being a Wallflower, one of my favorite movies.

More Goodies

Less Known Artists

Artist: Arcade Fire (Again Haha!)

Arcade Fire!

Probably my favorite band. I should have gone seen them at Berkeley Greek Theater but wouldn’t know who to go with. Arcade Fire have “life” sounds as weird as that sounds. Like I get the sense they are hitting hard truths about life, that we go on every day, especially We Used to Wait.

I can’t really choose a best album, Funeral, Neon Bible, The Suburbs, Reflektor all have excellent songs. Some people dislike Reflektor and Everything Now, Reflektor I still get the Arcade Fire mood while Everything Now seems a little bland, they’re still good songs in terms of music.

If I had to choose, I’d pick Neon Bible. As an album, it just flows like butter and feels like how an album should be put together. I listened to that some many times late at night, studying or walking to Soda and back.


I only put Arcade Fire with all of them so they are easy to search.

3. Instrumental/Electronic: Clair de Lune

Ah, Clair de Lune. I first learned it on piano. Ocean’s Eleven beautifully executed the ending with it. Here it is on a Thérémin. Elegant, peaceful, and therapeutic isn’t it? It gives me a calming ok sense of the world, and working it helps me think and get through tough problems. Nothing is impossible, you can do it! It gives me hope, awe, and acceptance of the world. A sense of humility and empathy, to be a better person than I was before.

Electronic (No Words!)


Halo music has also been a big part of my childhood. Halo 3: ODST and Halo Wars are very good, and have distinct atmospheric moods.
Many more including Hans Zimmer, but I went through a big him phase and wanted to add new musiks.


Music to me is the art of creating mood and atmosphere.

More coming!

Post by: Brian T. Liao