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Brian T. Liao
Nov 23, 2018 • 3 min read

Machine Learning UW CSE 🤖

Human-AI Interaction and Community Awareness (NIPS 2019)

Hey, I took an intro CSE course at the University of Washington and realized that all of their course information is online. I had some interest in machine learning so I looked it up and parsed the courses + special topics, making a list of them in the past. I remembered it today and thought it might be useful to share.

Berkeley and Stanford also have good parsable class info that could be really helpful too.




Data Science

Artificial Intelligence



ResNet, we got to go deeper. Like WAY DEEPER.


Why UW? UW keeps it’s past year sites. UW has a lot of machine learning and AI research. UW is originally where I went and learned about CS.

Berkeley would be second best, their classes are good, they keep their material easily searchable, and are getting a CS 182 (CS 194-129) Deep Learning Class! Their CS 294-112 Deep Reinforcement Learning class looks awesome too! I do have the videos for the other machine learning classes but can’t share them. I also have watched Jonathan Shewchuk’s CS 189: Machine Learning and taken CS 188: AI and really enjoyed them. As a semester school, they go way more in depth, which I like as a student but when getting a sense of new stuff, more breadth can be useful.

Stanford has way more niche stuff. I really find that cool. But they don’t seem to host previous year material in easily searchable/parsable ways. That’s a shame. CS 231n is really good! CS 182 (CS 194-129) at Berkeley uses a lot of that.

Regardless, it’s a good tool for self-learning!

Post by: Brian T. Liao