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Brian T. Liao
Dec 17, 2018 • 2 min read

Embracing the Apple Ecosystem, and Review on the Samsung Galaxy S9

It’s no question these big companies want you to use their ecosystem. That’s why they create so many products that work together. Apple wants you to use their iPhone with a MacBook laptop, have an Apple Watch, and a iPad tablet. How do they work together?

My friend Maya showed me a good example. She took notes on her iPad and could search things on her MacBook Pro. When she needed to upload an image from a paper she had, it was integrated in her phone, she took a picture and it was automatically added to her Apple made word processor. People say iMessenger is a big reason they don’t swap to Android. Being able to talk to friends on your phone, your tablet, and your computer is super convenient.

I currently use a Samsung Galaxy S9, Microsoft Surface Pro 4, and a Amazon Fire tablet I use for reading books as PDF’s. It works ok, it fufills my every purpose. But it turns out I don’t know what I want. Apple is good at that. It would have been more convenient with MacOS and a Unix system to develop. I tried running Linux (my favorites are Ubuntu Gnome and Xubuntu) but it didn’t run natively/well on the Microsoft Surface Pro.

I used to have an iPhone 7 and 5 and a Google Pixel. The only reason I went with the Samsung Galaxy S9, was the headphone jack and cheaper than iPhone XR? (Their naming is confusing). I had a used Pixel, but the headphone jack didn’t work so I returned it. I really miss how those apps integrated together. Apple has a health which tracked my sleep and worked with the clock. I still used Google Calendar, Gmail, and Gboard as I liked them way more. On the Pixel that was nice, they were integrated together and I could play Spotify on my alarm. Then on the Samsung S9, they had their own apps, I didn’t like, so I used Google’s apps but the old apps are still there as bloat. The phone is too big and heavy. The fingerprint reader is weird unlike the well designed Pixel one. These are small details I miss.

So I think I’ll embrace the Apple ecosystem next time. They know ergonomics. They know what the customer wants more than they do. They have well designed devices that they place a hefty tag on, but it’s worth it cause it reduces my troubles so much that after using their devices, the costs are justified.

I do wish companies would integrate with each other more. They won’t do that of course cause consumers would have more options and go to competitors. I have read Apple didn’t want Siri to work with Spotify as they have their competing Apple Music. It would be nice to have, “Hey Siri, play Travis Scott” when driving. It’s a bit monopolistic, but I doubt big tech would be broken up.

Post by: Brian T. Liao