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Brian T. Liao
Dec 18, 2018 • 2 min read

Embracing the Amazon Ecosystem

So Amazon wants to be the company that sells you everything. From toys to phones and computers, from clothes to kitchen equipment. They have food delivery. They have 2 hour delivery. They have drone delivery. So they want to get you everything and get it to you fast.

They also have media services, Amazon Music like Spotify, Amazon Video like Netflix and sports game streaming as that’s one reason people don’t leave their TV providers. They bundle most of it up in Amazon Prime, fast service and delivery and there other perks most people don’t know included.

Amazon has expanded a lot from their online book store days. They own Whole Foods with prime discounts, Amazon Go stores, Woot with discounts, Zappos with shoes, Twitch with Cody game streaming, IMDB with movies (x-ray on Amazon video is really cool, gives you details on scenes in the movie like actors, music, background, extra behind the scenes details).

Then they have Amazon Devices. Echo, Alexa, Amazon Fire and Kindle. Again, they want you to embrace their ecosystem. If you have their devices, it’s easier to get you to buy stuff from them. An interesting example is Ubuntu includes Amazon by default, making it easier for you to buy from them.

So why not embrace the ecosystem and buy from Amazon if you can? Obviously, you can’t but a house or a car or a flight but Amazon does provide a lot of what people need and want. Need food? You can try fresh, but a grocery like Costco or Whole Foods is probably better. If the price is right and the location is good, buy from there. Need clothes? Amazon has Prime Wardrobe where you can order a box of clothes and return what you don’t like. They have Amazon brands like Goodthreads or Amazon Essentials, high quality and good prices as well as classic clothing brand options. Want to host an NFL game party? Amazon Video has it on stream!

The downsides are it’s super easy to spend money. You buy what you don’t need. You can’t see the item until you have it, but usually you can return and customer service is good. You get trapped in an ecosystem where they know everything about you and will raise prices on you. It’s possible.

But I think as a service they’ve done an excellent job. Time of options, reviews and ratings for info on what you buy. Amazon Essentials as generics for cheaper items like cables, mouses, clothes. They use their data mining well to provide good services. Overall, it’s not a bad idea to embrace the ecosystem Amazon built, their goal is customer centric, which they have well done.

Post by: Brian T. Liao