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Brian T. Liao
Dec 31, 2018 • 2 min read

My High School English Teacher

This is a moment I remember and it stuck with me but I’m not sure my 12th grade UW Composition teacher remembers. We had a field trip to the state capital for AP Government but also a discussion in class. These discussions could not be made up and being me, I was heavily school focused so I choose to stay over the really stupid discussion (which I was irrationally afraid of losing points for).

At the end, my teacher said something to the effect of, “You know Brian, sometimes you should go on the field trip and lose the points. Sometimes these experiences are much more valuable than school and you have the freedom and choice to make the compromise.” This stuck to me, because I wish I had gone on the field trip. It would have been interesting and fun. It would have been an experience I would never get again, seeing my class defend a bill they created.

And it reflects a lot of my high school career. I didn’t go to dances or football games, date/talk to girls, hang out and live a high school life because I was too focused on school. I quit tennis, swim, and track, all things I loved for more academics. Now, I did get into a fricking good college, I do regret a lot of things in high school. I didn’t go to senior skip day either and was the only one there with my English teacher.

So, this has impacted who I am today. At the start of college, my goal was to get an internship/job. Now, I’ve done that. My goal now is to live, enjoy life, fulfill my dreams, stay human, and stay true to myself. There’s more to life than school and balance is key. So to my high school UW Composition teacher, thank you. You have impacted my life in more ways than you can imagine.

Other things I remember: Thailand trips, your father’s edible apple labels, letter to myself in the future. Getting the credits from the class to fufill requirements at Berkeley. I should have come to you first, but I was scared of reaching out, thank you for helping me get it done.

Post by: Brian T. Liao