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Brian T. Liao
Jan 15, 2019 • 8 min read

Quick Tips and Tricks

This will probably cater to Berkeley students because they are tricks I’ve learned. They are still good general tips and tricks though.

So I showed how to use to find classes. Other useful keyword searchs are

site:[url] ... 

to search only on that site. For filetype:

filetype:[filetype] ... 

An example:

filetype:pdf site: polymorphic code

and can search lecture notes on what you don’t know.

This is useful for documentation and sheetmusic too! Any website that doesn’t have a good search function, this works! I like using this on, it has a shit ton of info. Try searching my website!

Downloading Webcasts

I asked on piazza about downloading webcasts. You can, and I later wrote a script to download whole classes.

All previous webcasts are at: here.

To download: Use youtube-dl and download the program for your OS. I use Windows, so I download the .exe and can run it from cmd when I am in the folder with youtube-dl.exe. You can use Chrome and get the cookies.txt extension.

Open up a webcast under your Berkeley account, and under the cookies.txt extension choose to download cookies for this tab, you should now have downloaded a cookies.txt file.

Now in your terminal run:

youtube-dl --cookies [location of cookies.txt] [webcast video link]

And you should be able to download any webcasts.

Downloading Webpages

I learned this from the Social Network movie and StackOverflow.

Get wget (Linux and Mac should already have it). Then run:

wget --no-clobber --convert-links --random-wait -r -p -E -e robots=off -U mozilla http://site/path/

with the site you want. Be careful, this is recursive so keep track it is only going where you want and cancel when needed.

Development and Internship

The main reason I like Java is because it has nice tools. It knows what I want to write. The verbosity is helping in reading code, but also sucks a lot of the time. Sometimes I just want to go fast. Tips:

Ask lots of questions. Be clear when you don’t know something but try solving the problem before for five minutes. When you ask for help, be clear what you have tried.

Classes and Learning

An example on note taking on the Fork Join Framework. Excuse the messy handwriting; it’s only to take quick notes

I use my iPad to download the lecture slide or whatever I’m reading like documentation. Insert the slide into OneNote and write all over it.

Homework and Projects


Health and Wellness


That’s all. This went on more of a tangent than I was expecting but it has good stuff. See y’all later!

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