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Brian T. Liao
Mar 19, 2019 • 2 min read

Getting Back into Shape

This semester has been rough. I went through a sort of eating disorder, binge eating, yo-yo dieting, and many other problems. I gained around 10 lbs from these troubles.

I have been getting back into correcting my mentality and eating healthy and sustainably eating correctly. Eating an intermittent fast ~12pm-8pm has been really good for self control. Writing and planning my food in the morning has helped a lot in eating correctly, and not overeating. I had tried Keto before, but it was hard cutting so much and made me crave bread a lot. I cut down on sugar, but do put rewards every three or four days currently. Eating is mostly 300-500 calorie lunch + 100-300 calorie snack, and 700-1000 calorie dinner. I still eat with friends and am not very restrictive. I do feel healthier.

I have been interested in weight-lifting, running, and calisthenics and doing a little bit every day. Pietro Boselli has been an inspiration, he has playlists on workout theory, anatomy, and a week lifting. I based my plan and workout after his.

Calisthenics came from watching YouTube of calisthenics videos. Some examples:

Running is something I had done before and cardiovascular exercise is the best exercise in cutting fat and getting lean.

Current Workout Plan

Wish me luck, it’s been going well and I’m proud of my progress so far!

Post by: Brian T. Liao