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Brian T. Liao
Nov 11, 2019 • 1 min read

Life Update I Graduated and am a Grad Student

I am a Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Masters Student!

Sorry I haven’t been active! I will be honest blogging takes a long time and I have been busy with life! I want to make a quick update though, I graduated Computer Science from UC Berkeley in May 2019. Currently I am doing a 1-year research Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (it’s a meme EECS in the engineering department is superior to CS in Letters and Science so I have ascended into the “master” race (get it!?!? (jk with all these parentheses this will be LISP))).

Currently, I am in Salesforce Starbucks by Salesforce Park studying CS 149/249 Embedded Systems for a midterm this Thursday. It is a really fun class and a hidden gem; more Berkeley CS students should take it!

I also do research in Low Power Neural Networks. It is going well, but daunting to think about and self manage. I think it will go well.

Being a grad student is so much fun too, I have so much flexibility and get to work on things I am passionate about and am learning really cool stuff. A lot of the work is crazy to think about too, my research professor’s student created low power radio wireless communication and later a startup he sold to Apple. Guess what? That technology became used in Airpods. It’s crazy.

I really like reliability engineering and programming languages. Recovery oriented computing? Chaos Engineering? F#, Rust, Elm? Maybe call me and give me a job!

Well that’s about all, see you all soon!

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