Lab 4


Part 1: Scaling

Distribution of values of female adult literacy rate as well as gross national income per capita.

We create a series with what we want, and drop null values.

  1. a. Want to build a histogram.

sns.countplot is used more for categorical variables. See 5 is missing.

  1. b. sns.diplot: reference

    d. sns.scatterplot: reference

Part 2: Kernel Density Estimation

The kernel density estimate (KDE) sum of a bunch of copies of the kernel, each centered on our data points. A default kernel is the Guassian kernel:

$$\Large K_\alpha(x, z) = \frac{1}{\sqrt{2 \pi \alpha^2}} \exp\left(-\frac{(x - z)^2}{2 \alpha ^2} \right) $$